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My website is for those genealogists who are researching my family lines, and those who are interested in knowing something about me and my writing. I have been an Indie publisher for many years and started out using online software, Blurb and Memento, to publish books about holidays and my family, particularly my sons and grandchildren.

Of particular interest is 'Until Travelling Days Are Done', an account of five road tours in Victoria and South Australia taken by my parents between 1927-1932 in a 1924 Studebaker across the Australian Alps. Another of interest is the autobiographical poems of my grandfather, James Philip Hewlett titled 'A Prodigal Bard'.


My most recent achievement is the publication of my first book on Amazon, a memoir, on Amazon. 'A Girl Who Didn't Fit in: Crushed by Gaslighting But Not Defeated'. While emotionally difficult to write because of the privations of my early childhood doing so enriched my life immensely. In retrospect, it is one of the best things, if not the best thing, that I have ever done for myself.  


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Featured Books

FRONT COVER 'A Still Point' Abridged cop

'A Still Point' is a compilation of my family history - click on the cover to read a PDF.

My family lines are Beuzeville, Canaye, Gobelin, Roussel, Guillemard (French Huguenot);  Collings, Foley, Hewlett (English); and Hunt (Irish).

This book is a republication of a Memoir  titled 'The Girl's Week Day Book' that Esther  Copley published anonymously abt. 1830.

It has a new title, but is published under her name.


I published my Memoir

'A Girl Who Didn't Fit In' in 2020. 

Paperback and eBook versions  may be purchased at

Click on the front cover
to read a synopsis.

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I am currently writing a Biography of Esther Hewlett Copley (1786-1851) (nee Beuzeville). She is of French Huguegot descent and her father was a Master Silk Weaver in Spitalfields, London.


Esther was a prolific author writing more than a hundred  books.


*Marion Clark has taken the reader on a fabulous journey - Brittany Holt.

*A fascinating insight into a remarkable woman's life - Leona Holt.
*A faithful account of a life well-lived.  Helen Rennick.

*Marion's courage and authenticity are astounding, and her capacity for   forgiveness is impressive. -Jurgen Malina.

*An impressing recalling of a life which many would shy away from opening   up about. David Gairns.

*It is difficult to understand how the author suffered so much privation in   early childhood yet was able to achieve so much in her lifetime. Rev. Harvey   Clark.

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