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My Book Titles

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A Prodigal Bard.

A compilation of the autobiographical poems of my grandfather, James Philip Hewlett (1875-1919).

Published 2012

Grand-Kids and Grand-Parents

Memories of happy times with my two eldest grandchildren, Amanda and Andrew.Melbourne, Balnarring and Bairnsdale.

Published 2011

Until Travelling Days Are Done

From my father's diaries - account of road tours in Victoria and South Australia between 1927 and 1932. Published 2017

An Awesome Foursome: Up, Down And Around New Zealand

A five-week holiday in New Zealand with our Queensland family.

Published 2014

One Dog And A Garden

A photo book featuring a Westie and a rose garden in southern Queensland. Created as a gift. 

Published 2017

Travel Diary: England and France.

An account of a 5 week holiday in England and France with a friend.

Published 2011

Changing Scenes of Childhood

A two-volume pictorial account of the early years of my three sons in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Published 2013

View From The Boundary Fence: Looking At Life From Both Sides.  

Memoir of Owen Clark.

Published 2018

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